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Case Study - High Volume
Professional Services Firm:
This firm is a high volume firm with 60 staff in 11 offices across several states. The firm prides itself on its volume processes, efficiencies and bottom line orientation.

Since the firm hired Secure Record Services in 2003, they have dramatically restructured their health information departments and service personnel.

  • Over 3,000 clients handled by Secure Record Services
  • Over 15,000 medical records and bills handled
  • 12 positions re-assigned or eliminated

The firm is extremely happy with their decision to outsource their activity to Secure Record Services. They say:

  • “SRS allows us to handle more business with less people."
  • “We can’t figure out how you get the records so fast.”
  • “Our firm runs better using SRS.”
  • “This allows our people to focus on more critical work.”
  • “The on-line tools and systems are easy to use.”
  • “Your staff is always available and helpful.”
  • "All well managed firms will adopt the SRS approach."
  • "SRS packages are complete. Everything is together and summarized."
  • "The quality, organization, and presentation of what SRS provides is excellent."


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